Photo Gallery

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Summer Gala and Fall FunFest

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Other Events and Goods Provided by Parents & Friends of Ludeman

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Volunteers & Families

1 thought on “Photo Gallery

  1. P.Hill

    Beautiful photos all of the residents and volunteers are having a great time together. Also thanks go to all that helps to make these events keep happening. The residents really look forward to these get togethers with family and friends. Great to see everyone involved with each other. Thank you to P.F.L.C. You are unsung HEROS. Keep up the good work . If you have never been to one of these events you really are missing out on all the fun . Take some time out to enjoy yourself you will love the experience . Also thanks go to all that help to support P.F.L.C. With donations to the residents. It is as easy as buying some nuts at our annual sale that starts in October every year. Or you could volunteer your time at one of these events .


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