Contact Ludeman Center


The Elisabeth Ludeman Developmental Center is designed to meet the needs of the individuals that reside at the center.
Please direct your inquiries to the Ludeman Center if you need information or have a concern about your individual’s needs.

Elisabeth Ludeman Developmental Center
114 N Orchard Drive
Park Forest, IL 60466

The Ludeman Switchboard is operated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Phone: 1-708-283-3000 and the receptionist will direct your call to the appropriate Ludeman staff resource.


2 thoughts on “Contact Ludeman Center

  1. Connie Nieves

    My name is Connie Nieves, my sister is Miriam Burgos in house 12. I would like to request for a telephone directory nurse dept etc. I hope you can help me with this request. Thank you in advance and have a good day.
    Connie Nieves

  2. concerned Person

    Why is there still a Resident living on Ludeman Center grounds keeping all the other Residents at risk? This individual gets people on Reassignment in huge numbers which put all others at risk. The Ludeman Center doesn’t have enough staff and can’t service him/her. This individual needs to go to another facility where their goals are fulfilled. Ludeman can’t help this individual. If ludeman wants to continue to provide care in the community they will find another placement for this individual.


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