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Volunteers are the cornerstone of our organization.  It motivates us to share our treasures and talents to those that need us most.
Here are a few ways you can help:
1. Participate in PFLC sponsored events.
Some easy-to-do volunteer activities include:
Make popcorn for the events.
Transport, setup and distribute the snacks for the event.
Help us clean up.
Collect $$$$ for the Tootsie Roll Drive

2. Consider becoming a board member.

Other ways you can support PFLC
· Join PFLC.  Annual Membership Dues are $20
; click on the link:  Membership
· Participate in storefront collections for the Annual Knights of Columbus Tootsie Roll Drive
· Make special donations for the annual Summer Gala and Fall FunFest.
· Make a special donation in memory of a loved one
· We also, of course, welcome Corporate, Corporate Matching Gift Funds, and Sponsor Donations.

You Can Also Donate Clothing For Residents
The Elisabeth Ludeman Center accepts clothing in good condition for the residents.
Call 708-283-3000 in order to arrange a drop-off.

PFLC in turn, supports significant organizations that share our mission of working for the intellectually & developmentally disabled.  These organizations include:
· VOR – A national organization which for decades has been speaking out for people with intellectual & developmental disabilities.
 – The Illinois League of Advocates for the Developmentally Disabled.  IL-ADD has worked with PFLC and the other SODC parent groups to spearhead our legal efforts on behalf of the Developmentally Disabled.

The Parents and Friends of the Ludeman Center Organization is a 501c(3) Non-Profit Organization.   
All donations are tax deductible.

Contact Us!
Our mailing address is:
Parents & Friends of the Ludeman Center
P.O. Box 754
Park Forest, IL 60466

Our e-mail address is: ludeman.pflc@gmail.com

1 thought on “Volunteer

  1. Pamela Hill

    Thank you for providing information about Ludeman Center. It is very important to keep up to date with our family and friends at the center. It does not matter what age you are or your relationship to the residents. I am a board member of PFLC and my sister is a resident at Ludeman. I have volunteered at these different events. I have also brought my grandchildren to help at the events. Sometimes you have more fun than the residents. You leave with your heart full and smiles are shared by all. Please come and share with us at these different events. All you need to share is your time. Come and join us ! We gladly welcome everyone. Please come and join us for some old fashioned fun. Thank you.


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