The “Protect Our Residents” Campaign

The “Protect Our Resident” Campaign is our pro-active effort to finance a legal defense for our intellectually disabled loved ones at Ludeman.

We are fighting to defend guardian rights and defend residents’ rights to live in a fully funded State Operated Development Center (SODC) in Illinois that is supported by a trained, specialized staff of dedicated technicians, nurses, psychologists, doctors and other caregivers.

The Elizabeth Ludeman Center residents are multi-diagnosed medically fragile individuals that need 24/7 care and on-site support from a specialized staff to insure their quality of life, their health and safety.   We are fighting to guarantee that such necessary services are maintained.  Disrupting the lives of our Ludeman residents by moving them to an unfamiliar environment (typically community placement) without the support of a trained, specialized staff to support the individual’s needs is a roadmap to disaster of unknown proportions.

Many agencies that provide services in a community setting continue to face financial difficulties because the state is behind in payments to the agencies for their services.

Your donations are essential to continuing our legal fight to keep Illinois SODCs open to support the needs of these extremely fragile SODC residents.  Thank you for supporting our effort to keep the Ludeman Center an active, loving home for the 400+ residents that proudly call the Elisabeth Ludeman Development Center “Home”.

Contact Us
Our e-mail address is:

PFLC Protect Our Residents letter March 2013

PFLC Protect Our Residents letter June 2013

The Parents and Friends of the Ludeman Center Organization is a 501c(3) Non-Profit Organization.   
All donations are tax deductible.

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