PFLC Constitution & By-Laws

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The Parents and Friends of Ludeman Center Constitution and By-Laws have been reviewed, updated, and approved  by the PFLC Executive Officers and Board Members. 

2016 Key Summary of Updates in the 2016 Constitution and By-Laws. 

  • The Mission Statement is incorporated into the PFLC Constitution and By-Laws
  • The Language has been updated to current terms; e.g. Developmentally Disabled, Chairperson, etc.
  • Established a 6 year term limit for President
  • Established an Emeritus Board Member designation
  • Updated the annual minimum number of Board meetings
  • Updated the method of notifying PFLC members of Constitution and By-Laws updates
  • Refined Board members and Executive Officers responsibilities
  • Added to Article V, Section 9, Dismissal of a Board Member
  • Added to Article VIII, Section 4, Loans and Contracts

The 2016 Constitution and By-Laws updates were presented at the October, 30, 2016 General Meeting  for a General Membership vote that was approved. 

Thank you for your continued support of the Parents and Friends of Ludeman Center!

The 2016 version is available for your review by clicking on the links below. 


A paper copy is available on request to all members in good standing.  Please send an e-mail to with your Name, Address, City, State, and Zip Code requesting a paper copy of the 2016 PFLC Constitution & By-Laws.