Court Documents

The following information is provided so you are informed about the current legal actions that have been taken to protect our residents.

The following link is to a newspaper article regarding the state lawsuit filed in the State of Illinois, 5th District Court in Mt. Vernon, IL.  This is a state lawsuit filed to prevent the closure of Murray SODC.
April 16, 2014 Article:

The following two links take you to federal lawsuit documents that together offer a complete and cogent summary of our legal arguments against the process the State of Illinois has been using in its effort to close the SODCs. 

Our Side’s Statement of Fact 3/5/2014
Our Side’s Post-Hearing Brief 3/6/2014
State’s Proposed Findings of Fact 3-27-14
State’s Post-Hearing Brief 3-27-14
Our Side’s Reply Brief 4-10-14

The following links will take you to additional information regarding the federal lawsuit to protect the rights of the Intellectually Disabled that live in Illinois State Operated Development Centers:

Federal Lawsuit
Read Complaint   on 2/19/2013
Defendants Opposition  on 4/3/2013
Plaintiffs Reply  on 4/15/2013
Federal Court Motions  on 5/21/3013
Transcript of Court Proceeding on Temporary Restraining Order  on 5/30/2013
Temporary Restraining Order  on 6/12/2013

The following link to the Murray Parents Association website will take you to the Olmstead and Ligas federal lawsuits that were settled and are currently under the court monitoring system:

Olmstead & Ligas Documents

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