Ludeman 45th Anniversary Celebration

The Ludeman Center celebrated their 45th Anniversary of serving the intellectually and developmentally disabled community on October 6, 2017.

The event was attended by the Ludeman administration and staff, residents, Department of Human Services administration, community dignitaries, community vendors, and the Parents and Friends of Ludeman Center Board Members.

It was a privilege to attend the event and to see the amount of people that work and volunteer at the Ludeman Center to enhance the lives of the individuals that call Ludeman home.  It was interesting to hear the history of the Ludeman Center that was presented to the attendees.

  • A Ludeman resident gave a speech on how Ludeman has enhanced his life, and he truly believes he would not have succeeded in life without the guidance from the Ludeman staff.
  • A group of 14 Ludeman residents belong to the Ludeman Choir, and performed for the attendees.  Four choir members performed a solo too!  Thank you Agnes Davis, Choir Director.
  • There are 16 residents that are the original Ludeman residents when it opened in October, 1972.
  • There are 12 staff members with 40 – 45 years of service at the Ludeman Center.

Event Speakers and Dignitaries:

  • State Representative Al Riley, 38th District
  • State Representative Anthony DeLuca, 80th District
  • James T. Dimas, DHS Secretary
  • Greg Fenton, Director-Division of Developmental Disabilities
  • Kelly Richards, Center Director
  • Christine McGee, Assistant Center Director
  • Janelle McFadden, Secretary
  • Wanda Bethel Satkas, Northern Regional Lab Manager – Mistress of Ceremony
  • Jacquelyn Amelse, Medical Records – Ludeman History
  • Agnes Davis, Investigations – Choir Director
  • Gerald Edeh, EAP Coordinator  –  Invocation
  • Judith T.  – Lord’s Prayer
  • Moses H. – ‘What ELC Means To Me’
  • The awesome ELC United Choir
  • Parents and Friends of Ludeman Center Board Members

Enjoy the photos!