Here are Links to Other Organizations and Resources That Are Especially Informative.

Court Documents Page

The Murray Parents Association – This is the parents’ group of the Murray Developmental Center in Centralia, IL. The Murray Parents Association has been frontline and brave fighters against the State’s planned closure of the Murray Developmental Center.  They have joined us and IL-ADD in our legal battle against closing State Operated Developmental Centers like theirs and ours.  The Murray group’s website is highly informative and current with a wealth of information about the current federal court case and related matters.

Special Thanks to the Murray Parents Association for providing many of the links on this page.  We encourage you to visit their website where you can obtain current information on the lawsuit and the parent association’s fight to keep Murray open.

Court Documents
Federal Lawsuit
Our Side’s Statement of Fact 3/5/2014
Our Side’s Post-Hearing Brief 3/6/2014
Temporary Restraining Order
Transcript of Court Proceeding on Temporary Restraining Order
Plaintiffs Reply
Federal Court Motions

A national organization which for decades has been speaking out for people with intellectual & developmental disabilities.  VOR supports a full range of services and support for the developmentally and intellectually disabled, and respects guardians’ rights to choose the appropriate setting for their loved ones.

IPADD UNITE! Illinois Parents of Adults with Developmental Disabilities Unite!

State of Illinois Government Resources
Contact the State Legislators that represent the Ludeman Center:
Illinois Senator Patrick Joyce, 40th District Senator Patrick Joyce
Illinois Representative Anthony DeLuca, 80th District Representative Anthony DeLuca

In the Illinois General Assembly, Representative Charles Meier has sponsored two bills regarding SODCs.
Track Jacksonville House Bill 97
Stop The Murray SODC Closure Process – HR 273
HR 273 – Illinois 98th Regular Session (2013-2014) – Open States

Contact your own State Legislators and tell them your concerns.  Find them here:
Common Cause

llinois Guardianship Association
Illinois Guardianship Association

Illinois County Map

Committee of Government Forecasting and Accountability (COGFA)

State of Illinois Executive Ethics Commission

Illinois Health Facilities and Services Review Board

Human Rights Authority

Illinois General Assembly

State of Illinois – Department of Human Services
FY12 DDD Review of CILAs Providing Developmental Disabilities Services

CILA Providers for Intellectual Disability Services

Federal Government Resources
Rosa’s Law, 2010 – Federal law that updates terminology to intellectual disability from mental retardation

Contact the Federal Legislators that represent the Ludeman Center:
Senator Dick Durbin
Senator Tammy Duckworth
Representative District 2, Robin Kelly

Contact your own Federal Legislators and tell them your concerns.  Find them here:

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