Legal Guardianship News

Dear PFLC Members,

It has come to our attention that Illinois House of Representative William Davis, (District 30, Hazel Crest) is sponsoring a bill, HB2665, which could potentially impact the Guardianship Rights you might hold for your intellectually/developmentally disabled family member.

This bill targets family and private guardians of persons like our residents at Ludeman.
It is proposing that the Office of State Guardianship (OSG) develop training and requirements, yet to be determined, that you would need to complete in order to maintain your legal guardianship.

We believe the intent of HB2665 is to add one more barrier and diminish your right as a legal guardian to make decisions for the person/family member you represent.  The OSG current caseload is more of a ‘rubber stamp’ office that does not have the capacity to even visit the people they represent, let alone develop training and establish requirements.  HB2665 also oversteps the Illinois Court decisions that already determine that a person is qualified to be an individual’s legal guardian.

On March 8th, a hearing is currently scheduled for HB2665 before the Judiciary Civil Committee. If you are planning to attend the hearing, be aware that hearings are sometimes postponed.  We will update the PFLC website if we receive information regarding a change of hearing date.  Meanwhile, continue to fill out Witness Slips and contact your legislator by letter, call or fax.

Here is where we need your help –
Go to the link below and fill out a Witness Slip.  Be sure to click on ‘Opponent’.
If you plan on attending, click ‘Oral’.  If not, click on ‘Record Of Appearance Only’.

Hearing Location Information:
Judiciary – Civil Committee Hearing Mar 8 2017 8:00AM Stratton Building Room C-1 Springfield, IL

Write, Call, or Fax your opposition letter to your State Representative. You can find out your Representative information by clicking on the link:

Thank you!

Parents and Friends of Ludeman Center Board Members

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