PFLC Message Regarding Funding

Hello PFLC Parents and Friends,

PFLC has received information that our elected officials are planning on continuing the ‘Money Follows the Person’ program.  The intent of this program is to re-purpose funding to the Community and away from facilities like Ludeman. 

PFLC’s position is that the needs of individuals vary, and a Community setting is not always appropriate for all Developmentally Disabled individuals. 

The VOR organization has provided a very simple way to reach out to your government officials and oppose the renewal of this program.  Additional information is available on the link below.  The VOR website provides a means to populate who your government officials are, and a pre-formatted letter that allows you to oppose renewing the ‘Money Follows the Person’ program.

VOR Action Alert

Thank you for standing tall for the Developmentally Disabled Community and Ludeman.

Sarah Ross
PFLC Corresponding Secretary

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