PFLC -Ludeman Visitor Policy

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Hello PFLC Parents and Friends,

We have just received communication from Tiffany Bailey, Associate Deputy Director, SODC Operations, State of Illinois regarding visiting your loved one at the Ludeman Center.  Steps are in place to limit the COVID19 exposure to the residents staff, and all who enter the Ludeman campus.

“Visitors will be asked to not enter the residential homes, but will be redirected to another location in order for the COVID19 checklist to be completed. If anything on the list is answered “yes” or a visitor has visible signs of illness (cough, sneezing, running nose) they will not be allowed to visit.” 

“For those who do visit we will be requesting hand sanitizer be used when completing the checklist and again upon entry to the home. At times, we may ask that you visit in a conference room not in a residential home- depending upon the medical acuity of folks at any given home and/or the current presence of influenza at the Center.”

Attached is additional information regarding the steps being taken to keep everyone healthy during this time of exposure to the COVID19 virus.


Take Care of Yourself and Stay Healthy!

Parents and Friends of Ludeman Center (PFLC)



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