Oppose Inclusion of MFP in Coronavirus Relief Bill

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Hello PFLC Parents and Friends,

We need your voice to protect the facilities such as the Illinois State Operated Developmental Centers to continue to receive appropriate federal funding for operations. MFP, also known as Money Follows the Person, is an attempt to divert funding from Developmentally Disabled facilities like Ludeman.

As noted below from the VOR Organization (Voice of Reason):

“The ARC and other advocacy groups are lobbying Congress to include permanent reauthorization of MFP in the Coronavirus Relief Bill.  VOR is deeply troubled that these organizations seek to take advantage of a national crisis in this way.

We are concerned that MFP is being used by these groups to close all large facility-based care, such as Intermediate Care Facilities, rather than as a voluntary program to assist in the case by case transition of individuals who are capable of living in community settings and who choose to access community services.”

                                                Protect Federal Funding

“MFP policy directly affects the health and welfare of our country’s most vulnerable citizens who reside in facility-based settings.  It is not appropriate to hastily push through such policy in a time of crisis, particularly when that policy calls for the relocations of fragile individuals with underlying health conditions to less supportive settings.  Medicaid service systems are already stretched to the limit.

Please act now to tell Congress to oppose reauthorization of MFP through the Coronavirus Relief Bill.  MFP policy deserves careful consideration through the Congressional committee process that includes testimony from families of disabled individuals affected by MFP.”

Click on the Protect Federal Funding link in this message to send your letter to your Elected Officials in Congress to oppose adding the reauthorization of MFP in the Coronavirus Relief Bill.  A pre-formatted letter as well as an easy-to-use tool will automatically insert your Elected Officials name and address into your letter.

Thank you!

The Parents and Friends of Ludeman Center Board Members

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