PFLC – April 17, 2020 Ludeman COVID-19 Status Update

Hello PFLC Family and Friends,

In order to keep you informed of the COVID-19 status at the Ludeman Center, PFLC will be posting updates as we are notified by the Administration. As of April 17th:

* Ludeman Residents:   83 tested positive.  11 tested negative. 
* Ludeman Staff:  28 tested positive. 3 tested negative.
* 14 of 38 occupied Ludeman Homes have individuals that tested positive.
Staff Wellness checks are being conducted before reporting to their assignment. 

PFLC extends a special THANK YOU to all the PFLC Parents and Friends that have reached out and networked to get Face Shields and Masks for Ludeman.  We are so grateful for all you are doing to keep the Ludeman Staff and Residents protected from this horrific virus. 

Stay Safe and Healthy!

PFLC Board of Directors

2 thoughts on “PFLC – April 17, 2020 Ludeman COVID-19 Status Update

  1. Diana Bailey

    Our heartfelt prayers and thoughts are with you all.

    Diana Bailey Kiwanis – Park Forest

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