PFLC – April 21, 2020 Ludeman COVID-19 Status Update

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 Hello PFLC Parents and Friends,

We received the following update from the Ludeman Center this evening:
Ludeman is continuing to test all residents who have not been previously tested for COVID-19. The additional testing is based on recommendations from the infectious disease physician who is consulting with the Divisions of Developmental Disabilities and Mental Health. This will enable Ludeman to continue the best possible precautionary, clinical and medical programming and supports for the people they serve.  Ludeman will notify families of the testing process and results.

* Ludeman Residents:   101 tested positive.  14 tested negative. 
* Ludeman Staff:  35 tested positive. 3 tested negative.
* 20 of 38 occupied Ludeman Homes have individuals that tested positive.

As many of you are aware, the Illinois Governor has deployed 22 National Guard resources that are on-site at the Ludeman Center to assist with wellness checks  and other assigned duties.

Staff Wellness checks are being conducted before reporting to their assignment. 

Stay Safe and Healthy!
PFLC Board of Directors

7 thoughts on “PFLC – April 21, 2020 Ludeman COVID-19 Status Update

  1. phyllisstarke

    We really appreciate these updates, and thank you for them. Is there any new information.PhyllisSent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone

      1. Parents & Friends of Ludeman Center Post author

        Hello Phyllis,
        Over the weekend we have not received an update. I’m in communication with the Center and Springfield to get the daily status information.

        As soon as we receive the updated statistics we will compile the information and post as soon as possible.
        Stay Safe and Healthy!

        Parents and Friends of Ludeman Center Board of Directors

  2. April Pomerantz

    I just wanted to let everyone know that the center DID NOT connect me when my Uncle tested positive! I found out when I called the house to see if he was doing ok! He was diagnosed on April 16th and I called the house on April 22 and at that time found out his result. Very disappointing!

    1. Parents & Friends of Ludeman Center Post author

      Hello April, I am so sorry to hear you were not contacted by Ludeman. It is our understanding that a legal guardian is to be contacted. Could you let me know if you and any other family members are your Uncle’s legal guardian?

      Thank you Regards, Sarah Ross PFLC Corresponding Secretary

      On Fri, Apr 24, 2020 at 11:48 AM Parents & Friends of the Ludeman Center wrote:


  3. April Pomerantz

    Hello Sara,
    I am the legal guardian of my uncle. I spoke to 2 nurses after I found out he was positive and they just told me that I must have been accidentally crossed off as being notified. I double checked my phone for a call or voice mail and there were none. Whole situation was disappointing!


    1. Parents & Friends of Ludeman Center Post author

      Hello April, Thank you for providing this information. We have been contacted about a few other cases when the guardian was not contacted and let the administration know that the protocol has not been followed. The administration has asked that we let them know when we are informed by a guardian/family member that they were not contacted. It gives them the opportunity to reinforce the correct protocol when an individual’s health has changed.

      Let me know if I have permission to let them know of this incident, and if so, may I have your Uncle’s name and house number? Most of all I hope your Uncle is not showing symptoms, and if he is, that he is on the mend to getting better.

      I can also be reached at my home phone 815.462.0001.

      Stay Safe and Healthy!

      Regards, Sarah Ross PFLC Corresponding Secretary

      On Sat, Apr 25, 2020 at 8:13 PM Parents & Friends of the Ludeman Center wrote:



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