June 2, 2020 Ludeman COVID-19 Status

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Hello PFLC Friends and Family,

The June 2nd COVID-19 Status provided by the Ludeman Center is below.

Ludeman has tested all residents at the Ludeman Center for COVID-19.  Ludeman will notify families of the testing process and results.  NOTE:  Some individuals have been tested more than once.

IDHS COVID-19 Data & Frequently Asked Questions

* Ludeman Residents:  212 tested positive.  219 tested negative.   
* Ludeman Staff: Aware that 396 have been tested. 126 tested positive of which 104 have returned to work.  242 tested negative.
* 15 of 38 occupied Ludeman Homes are being supported in droplet isolation.

Staff Wellness checks are being conducted before reporting to their assignment.

Stay Safe and Healthy!
PFLC Board of Directors