PFLC – UPDATE! Ludeman Center Family/Guardian Visits Clarifications

Hello Parents and Friends of Ludeman Center,

The Elizabeth Ludeman Center, Under Guidance from the Department of Human Services and IDPH has clarified the directive for visiting with your loved one that resides at the Ludeman Center.

ELDC – Visitation and Home Visit Guidance 10.6.2020

The above document has been sent to all parents/guardians.  The document explains the rules and regulations for Phase 1 and Phase 3 Visits with your loved one.

  1. The current Ludeman Center Visitor status is PHASE 1. 
    1. Phase 1 includes In-Person at Ludeman Visits and Video Chat Visits. Please refer to Page 4 for details.  
  2. The Ludeman Center Visitor status for PHASE 3 is NOT IN EFFECT.
    1. Phase 3 includes Home Visits as well as the Phase 1 Visits.  Please refer to Page 5 for details.
  3. If COVID-19 positive tests results at the Ludeman Center (staff and residents combined) are 20 or more, only Video Chat visits will be available.

Stay Safe and Healthy!


The Parents and Friends of Ludeman Center Executive Officers and Board Members