PFLC – Ludeman COVID-19 Booster Vaccines


Hello Parents and Friends of Ludeman Center,

COVID-19 Booster Vaccines are now available at the Ludeman Center for the Ludeman Residents.  If you are a Parent or Guardian of a Ludeman resident, you should receive in the mail a COVID-19 Booster Vaccine Form and CDC educational information from the Ludeman Center. 
Be sure to sign/authorize the COVID-19 Booster Vaccine Form and mail it to the Ludeman Center as soon as possible to administer the COVID-19 Booster Vaccine for your loved one that lives at the Ludeman Center.
Thank you for being proactive in reducing the risk of COVID-19 for your Ludeman loved one, you, your family, and the Ludeman family.

View the attachment for CDC COVID-19 Booster Vaccine Information

Boosters Final CDC

Thank You!

Parents and Friends of Ludeman Center Board