PFLC – VOR Action Alert – Funding

Hello PFLC Parents and Friends,

The VOR organization again has requested our help to oppose The Disability Integration Act that congress is planning to vote into law.

Don’t Exclude Non Profit HHS Organizations from Coronavirus Relief

“The Disability Integration Act (DIA) is a seriously flawed bill. While the intention of the bill is to provide services for all people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, it would eliminate existing services provided to the most severely impacted members of this population, and moving these individuals from their long-term homes into more isolated settings that provide fewer services, lower staffing ratios, and lower standards of care.”

This bill would detrimentally impact federal funding that is provided today to Developmentally Disabled centers such as Ludeman.

Please use your voice in these trying times to prevent a legislative bill that would not benefit our loved ones that live at the Ludeman Center.

Click on the link and another line will appear.  The line below will connect you to the VOR page so you can send the pre-filled letter to your legislators.

Thank you for supporting our Developmentally Disabled community!

VOR Action Alert

Stay safe and healthy!
Sarah Ross
PFLC Corresponding Secretary






VOR Action Alert

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