PFLC – Updates on our Website

Hello PFLC Family and Friends,

The PFLC Board is in regular contact with the Ludeman Center Administration as well as the State of Illinois Department of Developmental Disabilities for guidance as well as any updates on the current state at the Elizabeth Ludeman Developmental Center (ELDC).

As soon as we receive COVID-19 updated information from ELDC and the State of Illinois, we will post that on our website home page at

Please be sure to check our website often, as information can change on a daily basis.  We are doing our best to keep you informed.

Meanwhile, to provide for the residents who are home-bound at this time the PFLC Board is:

Ordering games and activities for each Ludeman residential home.

Purchasing three iPads (One for each Unit) to enable video chatting with you and your Ludeman loved one during this time when in-person visits with your loved one is not possible.

Stay safe and healthy,
Parents and Friends of Ludeman Center Board

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