PFLC – April 3rd & 5th Updates

Hello PFLC Friends and Families,

PFLC has posted additional updates on our webpage, so be sure to visit the April 3rd and 5th Updates on our website home page,

Now that the Ludeman Center can accept packages, PFLC has been using your generous donations to order in-house activities for the Ludeman home-bound residents.  The shipments are trickling in to the Ludeman Center and will be distributed to the Neighborhood House Units 1, 2, and 3 for the residential homes.

PFLC has purchased three iPads. The Ludeman Center is in the process of setting up the iPads so you can Face Time, Whats App, or Skype with your loved one.  Each Neighborhood House Units 1, 2, and 3 will receive one iPad.  As a parent and/or guardian, you will have the opportunity to set up an appointment to chat/video with your loved one at Ludeman.  As soon as the iPads are ready, we will post the instructions to make an appointment.

What can you do?

  1. Send Thank You cards to the Ludeman Center Staff, Administration and Support at Ludeman Developmental Center, 114 N. Orchard Drive, Park Forest, IL 60466-1200.  Be sure to add the House Number to the Ludeman address if you are sending to Direct Care Staff.  These are uncharted, unprecedented times.  Thank them for all they are doing to take care of our loved ones.
  2. Make homemade masks and send to Lisa Robinson, Facility Director,  at the Ludeman Developmental Center, 114 N. Orchard Drive, Park Forest, IL 60466.  Here are links approved by the Illinois Department of Health to make homemade masks:
      4. Sewing Masks for Donations | Patient Education | Dartmouth-Hitchcock
  3. Adopt a House – Call your Unit Director and ask what would be appropriate for you to send to your loved one’s home that they all can enjoy.


2 thoughts on “PFLC – April 3rd & 5th Updates

    1. Parents & Friends of Ludeman Center Post author

      Hello Tina,
      Thank you for contacting PFLC! Good Question!
      There are 44 homes on the Ludeman campus. The Ludeman Operations budget does not have the funding to install and provide cable services to the 44 houses.

      The PFLC group has purchased DVD players and movies for each Neighborhood Unit 1, 2, and 3 to loan to the homes in their Unit. We are waiting for the equipment to be delivered for use so the household members can enjoy a ‘movie time’ in their home.

      The iPads that PLFC has purchased for Ludeman includes the ability for cellular services so families/guardians will be able to connect with their family member that resides at Ludeman. Ludeman is in the process of getting the iPads set up for communication with the appropriate Apps such as Face Time, Whats App, and Skype.

      Stay Safe and Healthy!
      PFLC Board
      Stay Safe and Healthy,
      Parents and Friends of Ludeman Center Board


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