PFLC – Elisabeth Ludeman Center Visitation Policy

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Dear PFLC Parents and Friends,
                              The Ludeman Center has informed us of some exciting news. 
                For several continuous days, there have been ZERO homes in droplet isolation!! 
              Congratulations and thank you to the Ludeman Center Staff and Administration!! 
        Your dedication and hard work to attend to our loved ones is nothing short of miraculous. 

Reservations for family and guardians In-Person Visits are now available starting July 16th. 

Tameka Watson, Ludeman Interim Center Director and Sandy Vanoskey, Clinical Services Director have announced that reservations for in-person visits with your loved ones will begin on July 16th at the Ludeman Center.    There are several rules and restrictions that are mandatory that will be enforced at the Center.  Family and Guardians will receive a copy via U.S. Mail.  If you have questions not addressed in the policy, please contact the Ludeman Center.  Refer to the Visitation Policy below for details:

ELDC Visitation Letter_7.10.20

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Stay Safe and Healthy!
PFLC Board of Directors