PFLC – ELDC Updated Vaccination Information

Hello Parents and Friends of Ludeman Center,

The State of Illinois has informed all State Operated Developmental Centers (SODCs), which includes the Ludeman Center, regarding the TWO separate consent forms Parents/Guardians will receive in the US Mail for the COVID-19 vaccine to be administered to the Ludeman Residents.

One form is for the Pfizer vaccine and the other form is for the Moderna vaccine. Because there is a possibility that both manufacturers vaccine will be available, a separate form is needed for each vaccine manufacturer.

Both vaccines have an effective rate of 94-95% efficacy. Your loved one will be administered the vaccine in two doses from the same company when the vaccine and your completed consent forms are returned.

Because there is a possibility that both the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines could be delivered to the Ludeman Center, TWO separate forms are necessary because at this time, it is not known which vaccine will be readily available at the Ludeman Center for use. Please fill out BOTH vaccine authorization forms for your loved one that resides at the Ludeman Center and return both of your completed consent forms as soon as possible.

Thank you for helping to protect the Ludeman Center residents, essential workers, and staff from this horrible virus.

Thank you, stay safe and Healthy!